Where is the love?

Last week, Tyler jumped into the van and settled into his seat with a sigh of frustration. I asked him, "What's up, bud?"  He vented about three of his friends. The gist I got was their lack of interest in trading Pokemon and the boys kinda poking fun that Tyler was still interested in his old DS games. He was quick to clarify that he still has friends who loved to play the same video games as him and that he has NO INTEREST in playing the games these boys play.

"What games do they play, sweetie?" I had a feeling I already knew the answer...probably something on another game system that Ty doesn't have and wants. His response shocked and then horrified me. "They play Halo and Call of Duty and junk like that, Mom."  What?!  I asked if he was sure about that and Tyler was adamant. That is all they talk about.

I was quiet for a moment as I digested this new information. "Mom? Are you mad? I know you don't like those games because they have guns...right?" I had to pull the van over because, suddenly, I was crying so hard I couldn't see where I was going. All I could say to Tyler was, "That's horrible!! Those boys are only 8 years old! What are their parents thinking?!" Ty gave me a pat on the arm and shrugged.

I was eager to blog about my thoughts when I got home that day, but I decided to sit on it for a bit. Just in case I was having one of my hyper-emotional days. But it's been over a week and I am crying as I type this, so nope. Not hyper-emotional. Still horrified.

To clarify, I am NOT against first person shooter games - if you are 14 or older! You need at least a scrap of emotional maturity to handle the graphic violence in those games! My gosh, Tyler has nightmares at the drop of a hat. After being exposed to the horrors in those kinds of games, I can only imagine the damage it would inflict.

8 years old, people. Those boys can't even SPELL Post Traumatic Stress Disorder...so they certainly shouldn't be suffering from it. Am I silly? Crazy? Does everyone but me allow their 8 year olds to play Halo and Call of Duty? Ugh.


Emily Suess said…
Here's me, the childless 30-year-old, butting in with my two cents: OMFG. Children Tyler's age shouldn't even know those video games by name. Parents like you are the only reason I have any hope at all. ::hugs::
Sayre said…
My boy (now almost 12) has been playing StarWars Battlefront (with shooting) for a while now. One day he was invited to a sleep over and the kids were playing Halo. He's always been very good at protecting himself from things that disturb him. The original Halo actually wasn't bad. We let him play that one - but Call to Duty? NO F****** WAY. I'm nearly 50 and the graphics I saw in the commercial disturbed me. No way that one's coming into my house.

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