First Day of School

Tyler started 3rd grade today and came home melting from the heat with complaints that his new math book "weighs 2 tons!"  He has already proclaimed that "school stinks" so... so much for being excited to see his friends and reactivating his summer fried brain synapses. I do have high hopes for tomorrow, however.

Tomorrow is Max's first day of school. It's hard for me to believe it, but my baby is starting pre-school.  Tyler objected to my attempt to take the annual first day of school photo on the front steps, so I'll try that again tomorrow morning with both boys. I keep trying to prevent Ty from infecting Max with his negative attitude toward school. No luck. I asked Max if he was excited about starting school (for probably the 50th time) and he just said (with a mischievous grin), "No. I hate school."   *sigh*  He sure does love his new Thomas the Train lunch box and Disney Cars backpack, however.

Max has reminded me several times today about what he wants packed in his new lunch box for tomorrow. Thank goodness he has a broader palate than his big brother. Figuring out what to pack for Tyler is an exercise in total hair-tearing frustration. I convinced Ty to take apple slices today along with his usual selection of junky bags of Cheetos, pretzels, fruit snacks and juice pouches. What is the one thing he doesn't eat? The apples. [Update: Tyler just told me "Great lunch today Mom. Thanks!" LOL and *sigh*]

What does Max want to take for lunch?  A turkey sandwich, baby carrots, apple slices, yogurt smoothie, non-fat pudding and a baggy of goldfish.  He is nearly doing cartwheels over the thought of opening his new lunch box and chowing down. Bless him!

Please send us some good vibes and wishes of luck for tomorrow. My guts are in knots! I hope Max will be ok and not too nervous. Please let him get excited and happy. I hate to see my baby be scared and cry. :(

Now to decide what to do this long weekend. We had plans to hit Cape Cod with the grandparents, but hurricane Earl has decided to plow right through there. Thank goodness the hotel didn't charge us any penalties for late cancellation. Go away Earl!!! Ya bother me!


Emily Suess said…
Aww. Good luck to all, but especially you, Becky! :)
Donna. W said…
I'll bet Max will do super at preschool. Unless he gets bored, because he is a smart little guy. But I guess boredom wouldn't set in until real school.

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