Leave a message! *beep*

My mother has been complaining about our answering machine message for months now. Personally, I think it's adorable! Then again, they are my boys doing all the talking. I don't find Max hard to understand. I think him yelling LEAVE A MESSAGE at the end is clear as day. ;) That is the most important part, right?

My mother's latest argument is "No one has their kids record their answering machine message. It's not proper!"  *snort*  No one has ever accused me of being proper, right? But seriously, I have a bit of a problem with her conclusions in this case.  How many people with school age kids does she know? And how many of them does she call regularly?

So here is my very unscientific poll. Do you currently or have you ever allowed your kids to record your outgoing answering machine message?

While I wait and see if anyone responds, I do plan to record a new message. Well, the boys will be doing all the talking. They are older and wiser. Tyler no longer talks like he has a mouth full of marbles (even if he still talks at the speed of light) and Max has lost a lot of his toddler lisp. He still has trouble with his S sounds and is a little Elmer Fuddy with R's, but it's cute on a 3 and a half year old!

Sorry Nana, when I call my friends I smile when their machine has a message recorded by their kids. It's so much cuter and I find myself more eager to actually speak at the beep. Computer generated messages make me wince (unless they have a British accent.) An adult voice reciting the number I called with an abrupt order to leave a message makes me want to shake my head and hang up.


Donna. W said…
It would make my day to hear a child doing the message on a phone, especially if the child were my grandchild.
BosieLadie said…
Though I don't have kids at home any longer, there was a time when my kids were recorded for a "leave a message" message. ;)
Barbara said…
My kids have recorded messages for me when they were little. I agree with Donna, I would love to hear a message from my grandchild.
Unknown said…
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Donna H said…
I'm thinking of calling you just to hear your message:D

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