Good Luck Nana!

We spent the week up in MA and just got home last night. My super active and seemingly indestructible Dad (aka Grumpy Grampy) was struck down with debilitating pain in his leg a short time ago. Fearing a blood clot or who knew what else, we were a bit shocked to find out that his hip had failed. Before we knew it, he was scheduled for a total hip replacement. My Mom (aka Nana) was in a panic because the best ortho hospital was an hour away and in the busy outskirts of Boston. Me to the rescue! (Really need to learn how to drive more than 20 miles away from your own home!) Initially it was just going to be me and the boys going up to stay and shuttle Nana back and forth to the hospital, but John decided to move his vacation week and we turned it into a total family affair.

It worked out well because after one visit with all of us, I could tell the boys were a bit freaked out seeing their Grampy that way and they had a hard time keeping busy. So John spent most of the week taking the boys to the town pool and out to lunch while I played chauffeur and drove my mother back and forth to the hospital.

He looks pretty good here, right? This is the day after his surgery.

After 6 days and a lot of PT, he comes home today. Good luck to my Mom...that grumpy Grampy is a most challenging patient.


Bridgett said…
Awww...he looks so happy and sweet.

Or either really high from his pain meds. ;)


p.s. You're pagan too? Yay!
Unhinged said…
Wow. A hip replacement. (Ow.)

Definitely good luck to both of them. As hard and humiliating as it is to be a patient recovering from surgery, it's just as hard for the caretaker.

Donna H. said…
He does look good! Wishing him a speedy recovery.
Coy said…
Hope all is well for both mom and grumpy grampy by now.
*** Coy ***
Dawn said…
Wish I had know you were in Ma. Glad your Dad is home and doing better.

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