Hark! Easter Approach-eth!

One sign of spring and the arrival of the Easter Bunny is the annual town Easter Egg Hunt. Only this year it was 40 degrees with 50 MPH winds. Brrrr! The kids looked miserable waiting in line for their goody bags from the bunny, but once the hunt began, I think it could have been snowing and they wouldn't have cared. The next day you never would have known it was so cold. It was in the 60s and gorgeous! So I took the boys to the park.
I love watching them play! Complete sets of photos at my Shutterfly page.


Bridgett said…
I love the idea of a town wide Easter egg hunt!

The weather here has been wonky too. 70's one day, 40's the next. I wish winter would just LET GO.

Astaryth said…
Those boys are just growing like weeds!

I know what you mean about strange weather. It is April in FL and it is going to be in the mid 30's tonight. WTH?
D said…
That town Easter egg hunt is awesome. Our church has one which is a bit of fun. Austin and Collin had a blast! I cannot believe how big Max and Tyler have gotten. Wow! Oh, and I love the video you took of Max. He says, "Barack Obama" very well.
Unhinged said…
You know what? It always made me nuts looking for eggs on Easter. I sucked at hide-n-seek and I knew if I ate the eggs, I'd get sick.

As for the weather? Two words: Mother Freaking Nature.

Okay, that's three.

I think she and Murphy (of Murphy's Law fame are in cahoots).
alphawoman said…
Great pictures. I miss the Easter Egg Hunts of years past. Maybe I'll get to see one with the Grandkids. My Mom use to dye eggs and then hide them in the living room for Bridget to hunt. Bridget would find them and we would hide them again...over and over and over! One year she missed one and the living room smelled funny. That last cleverly hidden Easter Egg was found...yuck! Happy Easter!

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