So THAT'S what all the fussin' has been about...

Look who has teeth!

Max has teeth!

My usually happy-go-lucky little fella has been a crankfest of late. Now I see why! He was very happy to chew on his rubber baby spoon after a dish full of pears.

Can you see what I see?


Donna. W said…
What a beautiful baby; you are blessed.
Emily Suess said…
Teeth!! Look out. He'll be chomping raw carrots before you know it.
Anonymous said…

He's so lovely.
And 2 teeth already.
My youngest didn't get any till she was one. We're at the other end of this bit as she's just getting her back doubles now and they're a nightmare.

At the same time her big sister is losing them.

So we're cheering the ones that appear and the ones that disappear.
Shari said…
Becky he is a doll baby :)
Anonymous said…
I could just squeeze his widdle cheekies.
OK, I'm disintegrating into cutiepie nothingness here.

Oh, he is soooo cute!!!

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