Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm so confused...

"Mom? Can you buy me an instrument? I want to learn how to play something."

Tyler...didn't you just tell me not too long ago that you hate music?

"Well, I figure if I play an instrument, maybe I'll learn to like music? I just don't want to be weird, Mom. Everyone likes music 'cept for me!"

Interesting idea. What instrument did you want to learn to play? You know you won't be able to play right away. It takes time, lessons and lots of practice to learn to play something.

"Well you can teach me, right Mom? You know a lot of instruments. I want to play the trumpet. Or maybe the flute. Or the flutophone. Oh! And you have a guitar too, right?"

The flutoWHAT? Trumpet?!? ...oh wait. I actually think we have a trumpet around here somewhere. Maybe in the attic.

"The flutophone! They play them in our school band!"

Oh! Those funny looking recorder thingies from the spring concert?

"Yeah! I want one of those."

M'okay. Call me crazy, but I ordered him one on Amazon. And my darling John dug around in the attic until he found not only the old trumpet our friend Kerry had left with us years ago, but also my old Yamaha SHS-10 keytar (a keyboard you wear and shred on like a guitar). Max instantly took possession of the keytar and Tyler took the trumpet as soon as I had it put back together.

I gave Ty a short demo on how to blow into a trumpet and he gave it a go. My jaw dropped when he sounded a crystal clear (and very loud) note. It's freakin HARD to do that and I've never heard anyone make a sound with a trumpet on their first try, never mind so clearly. He was totally in love.

Now I have a splitting headache as the boys have been playing happily (and loudly) on their instruments for the last hour. We may have to just start a family band.