Monday, September 29, 2008

Still alive!

Sick, but alive. Just to give a is Tyler's day yesterday:

1. Up at dawn...time to get ready for soccer team photos and game.
2. Off to game! Go right from soccer to...
3. Football game. Grab some...
4. Lunch! Fast food! But hurry, almost time for...
5. Birthday party #1 - fly home to pick up rest of family to run to...
6. Birthday party #2!
7. Get something quick for dinner and...
8. Home just in time for bed.

The soccer and football and long work hours for poor John and Max officially in the terrible 2 stage...we're so very tired. I've not been able to read any blogs in probably 2 weeks. I am sooo behind!

Ugh. Damn this cold.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Hi-5, Shhhh!

Sitting and watching Hi-5 with Max this morning (his favorite show). I started clapping along with the music, like I often do. Usually he starts clapping with me.

Today, he turned and said, "Momma! Shhhh!" I was so startled, I didn't know how to react at first. Then I started laughing and couldn't stop...which prompted more frustration and disgusted exclamations of, "Momma! Momma!!! Shhhhh!"

I had to get this on video, so I started a recording then started clapping. It's difficult to get video of Max in action because as soon as he sees the camera, he wants to grab it. Well...see for yourself: